Buyer Profile

What is the Buyer Profile?

This is important information given by the Buyer or Buyer representative to the Listing Broker/ Seller Broker / Seller/ Lender to who is interested to buy the business /pre qualify to buy the business. Most of the Sellers want to see the financial statement / pre qualification of the buyer before accepting the offer. It can also helps the Brokers/ Lenders to pre qualify the buyer for the desired loan amount either to purchase the new business or expanded the current business.

The BLSWorld (Business Listing Service World) is offering a Buyer Profile Application at FREE OF COST to help the Business Community.

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Postal Code
Cell Work
Home Fax
Email Address


  • Currently do you own / operate any business? If yes, what type?
  • Did you ever own a business? If yes, what type and How long you own the business?
  • Was it run by you or run by employee?
  • Reason for sale?
  • What type of jobs you did in the past?
  • What were your positions and responsibilities?
  • What is the current job status?
  • What is your position and responsibilities?
  • What was the best business you ever had? Why?
  • What was the worst business you ever had? Why?
  • Describe in general what you think this business might be the perfect / right business for you? Why?
  • What type of business would you never want to own? Why?
  • What are the specific types of business you are interested to buy?
  • What type of businesses have you looked?
  • Why are the reasons you did not buy any one of them?
  • How long have you been looking for a business?
  • What is your time frame to purchasing a business?
  • Where would you like to buy a business such as area / location/ radius?
  • Are you looking for owner operated business or non owner operated business?
  • Are you looking for Franchise business or individual businesses?
  • What price range you are looking?
  • Would you like to buy business only or business with real estate?
  • How far would you be willing to travel?
  • Are you presently working with another broker? If yes name of the broker so we can contact them for further.
  • What CAP rate you are looking?

Financial Information

  • What is your total down payment?
  • Source of down payment?
  • Liquid cash available to buy the business?
  • Are pre approved for the loan?
  • who is your Lender / Financial institutions approved the loan amount?
  • How much loan amount you have been pre approved?
  • Can we verify with your lender?
  • When is yours pre approval is expiring?
  • How soon they the loan can be funds if the offer approves?
  • Did you ever discharge the IP/BK etc? If yes add details.