Bls Marketing

Welcome to Blsworld “Business Marketing.” Business marketing is a method of marketing practice by brokers, realtors, real estate agents, property managers, business attorney's, franchisors, charted accountants, bookkeepers, merchant service providers, bank loan officers, financial institutions, title, escrow officers and other business professionals etc. It allows them to sell their listings or services or products to the buyers, sellers and other business community members in the business marketing world.

Some times this is also called as B2B (business-to-business) marketing. In current market most of the clients are searching for listings and services online. Hence internet has become an integral part of effective online marketing. Online marketing is now one of the top marketing and part of the business marketing world.


Technology and business strategy go by hand to hand as both are interrelated. While technology supports business marketing, strategy, visa versa business strategy helps in technology.


Create a brand. Effective marketing, with good advertisement information can create "Branding Value" to your listings and services.

Targeted Marketing

Target markets for a business and property listings or related services are more specialized in online marketing. In target marketing, you can focus on special niche i.e. a segment of the market which requires a special attention in order to increase exposure and sales. Regardless of the size of the target market, the business buyers and sellers are making buying and selling decisions. This explains how to add value to your listings and services offered, differ dramatically from the rest of the competitors.

Local Marketing:

Though services and products available globally, consumers prefers local professionals. Buyers and seller thinks local professional have great knowledge and understanding about the neighborhood market and expects higher affinity than no local.


Business market can be convince to pay premium prices more common than the listed price, if you know how to structure and market your pricing and listings. Effective pricing is very important to sell your listing.


First step in business marketing is the development of your personal statement. The statement or advertisement, tells what you do and how you do it differently, as well as how you will be better and more efficient than your competitors.

Built your own message

This is a primary message that conveys more strongly to your customers, what you do and the benefits what you offers to them such as services, products, geographical area of offerings etc. This is supported by images, audio clips and video clips.


The real value of your advertisements measures based on your campaigns and follow up.