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Commercial property leasing significantly differs from residential leasing in several ways:
  • state rental laws covers the residential tenants
  • Residential leases are short term when compare with commercial property leases
  • Commercial property spaces required zoning and other special permits where are as for residential there is no such things
  • Commercial property leases needs lots of tenant improvement where as in residential there is no such a changes and finally last but not least commercial lease agreements are not as standardized as residential leases.
Hence, all commercial leasing of your area can be handled by an experienced commercial real estate brokers or attorneys. These are licensed professionals specialized in commercial property lease issues, and they can help you review the terms of your lease and also negotiated with all parties to get a best and safe term within the permitted law. These professionals also help you to find the local zoning laws, local ordinances and possible changes soon in that area.
Comments factors need to be reviewed as Rent, Timings, Permitted operations, Parking ratios, Tenant improvement, Zoning conversions, Health permits, Other Business licenses and permits, Property maintenance, Taxes, Insurance, Common are maintenance, Lease options, utility management and other issues.